FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions


What world view does Home School Astronomy take in regard to the universe’s age and origin?

Home School Astronomy teaches astronomy from as “as is” perspective, meaning from the perspective of what we see happening right now. There are no references to the age of the universe or its origins in the curriculum, however the creator of Home School Astronomy is a Christian and believes that God created the universe.


How much do the lessons cost?

Full Year of Astronomy Both Semesters – 28 Lessons) – $97
Just Semester 1 (14 lessons) – $47
Just Semester 2 (14 lessons) – $47

Available to download, on CD and Flash Drive

What grade level is this curriculum?

All the lessons are available in a K-6th Grade Version and a Junior High through High School Version.

Both versions feature the same lessons, but the K-6th grade versions have a higher picture to text ratio and a lower vocabulary level.

Is there an order or sequence to the lessons?

Each semester has a suggested order that comes with the lessons however, the order in which the lessons are completed is not essential.

How can I fit this into my teaching schedule?

If you follow the suggested pacing each of the 28 lessons should last for a week if the student works on them for one-half hour a day. However the lessons are self-paced and this can vary or be changed by you.

How long is each Lesson?
The curriculum includes a suggestion as to how to pace each individual lesson for a half hour a day for an entire week. This would include the warm up activities, the presentation itself, questions, and cross-curricular activities.
Is this curriculum full or supplemental?

It is full curriculum good for an entire semester or year of science or can be used as an elective. However, it can be used as an exciting supplement to your current “not so exciting” curriculum.

What comes with the curriculum?

1. An Objective

2. Warm up activities

3. The lesson itself

4. Assessment Questions

5. Cross-curricular activities

Can I print it all out?

Sure! However the entire course is on the computer, CD or Flash drive and you don’t have to print it if you don’t want to.

What is the difference between this and other Astronomy Curriculum?

This curriculum engages the student with astounding pictures on the computer along with interesting astronomy lessons. It also allows the student to go at his/her own pace unlike a video, which just plays whether the student is engaged or not. The teacher has no prep time as its all packaged nice and neat in one file. As far as we have seen, there is no other full year astronomy curriculum available for homeschoolers: most astronomy is lumped together as a small section of Earth Science. This is MUCH more astronomy than any student would receive in a public or private high school.

If I choose to download the presentation rather than purchase the CD or Flash Drive, do I own it? Can I only view it a limited number of times?

You own the presentation when you purchase it for download or on CD. It goes right to your personal machine and you can use it as many times as you want.

Are these videos?

The presentations are self-paced, gloriously illustrated slides that include an on-screen script to read along with the pictures. It is not a video. A student can “zone out” during a video; these self-paced slides require interaction for each new concept.

If I don’t like the material can I have money back?

Yes, but you’ll love it!

Who is “Home School Astronomy?” Do you have references, reviews, are you legitimate?

Home School Astronomy became an official company helping home-based students “Bring Astronomy Home” in 2009. The author has a Master’s Degree in Education and is an educational consultant for the Smithsonian’s Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C. and has written curriculum for NASA’s school outreach program. He has attended and spoken at many conventions including:

  1. Great Home School Convention (Cincinnati, OH)
  2. Great Home School Convention (Hartford, CT)
  3. CHAP (Christian Home School Association of PA)
  4. HEAV (Home School Education Association of Virginia)
  5. NOVA (Northern Virginia) Homeschool convention
  6. SEARCH (PA)
  7. MassHOPE (Massachusetts)
  8. Florida Convention
  9. ENOCH (NJ)
  10. York, PA Convention

Has been positively reviewed by:

      1. Home School Mom
      2. The Wired Home School
      3. Creation Homeschooling
      4. Classical Scholar Homeschooling
      5. Homeschool Reviews
      6. Classical Astronomy
      7. Gifted Homeschoolers
      8. Agape Leadership
      9. Jaded Cinderellas
     10. Many, many others


If I don’t like the material can I have money back?

Yes, but you’ll love it!


How much do the lessons cost?

Full Year of Astronomy Both Semesters – 28 Lessons) – $97
Just Semester 1 (14 lessons) – $47
Just Semester 2 (14 lessons) – $47

Available to download, on CD and Flash Drive


Can I view lessons on any device?

The lessons run best on a computer (PC or MAC) but will run on tablets as well.

What program do I need to view the lessons?

The lessons are PowerPoint-based but will run on any slide-based program like Apple’s Keynote, Apache Open Office’s Impress or Google Slides on a PC, MAC, Chromebook or Tablet. Special instructions are available upon request when using various platforms.

What if I need help with the lessons after I buy them?

Despite the fact that these are computer-based, very few people need help with them as they are setup to run simply by hitting “F5” and then the space bar. However, prompt help is available via the email (Tony.Ceraso “at” HomeSchoolAstronomy.com) on the site. If you prefer a phone call, simply email Home School Astronomy your phone number and you will receive a call back.