Launch into Learning

Vivid computer-based astronomy curriculum for all grade levels.

Get out of the boring books and into fun, engaging presentations that are self-paced and tailored for YOUR family!

Learn fun facts that will spur on exciting dinner table conversation!

All Curriculum Includes

A sample of what you’ll learn:

Computer-Based Lessons

These vivid and engaging lessons run on any computer system

Engaging Imagery

Enjoy high-quality images that will keep your student captivated for 28 weeks

No Prep time

You are busy enough. Everything is done for you ahead of time.

How Does This Work?

Why Choose Homeschool Astronomy?

Personal Support

Easy to use

Go at your own pace!

No-hassle return policy, if it’s not working out

No prep time for parents!

No controversial issues (no mention of evolution; not religious material)

We make science FUN again!

How to get started:

Win a FREE Telescope